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Major accident on highway

Two people were killed Tuesday in a three-way accident on Italy's main north-south A1 highway between Piacenza and Fiorenzuola, local sources said. The accident involved three vehicles: a car, a truck and a tanker truck. The tanker partially caught fire from the accident and a black smoke rose from the surrounding area.

After more than a hundred years we finally know the name of the first women's footballer of the Netherlands

Until a few weeks ago we did not know any of the names of these soccer pioneers, but then the Amsterdam City Archive received an email from Joss Pafort. 'The goalkeeper, the lady in white, is my grandmother Aafje de Boer.'

Jeff Bezos officially steps down as CEO of Amazon

Jeff Bezos officially stepped down from his role as CEO of Amazon. He founded the technology company 27 years ago in his garage in Bellevue, Washington state. He founded Amazon on July 5, 1994 as an online marketplace for books.Bezos had already announced the move in February. His successor is Andy Jassy.

Not yet (fully) vaccinated and still on vacation? You are welcome in these 6 countries

After more than a year of being largely 'cooped up', we are all yearning for a vacation. Sun, sea, rest and space. Unfortunately, even within the EU, each country applies its own rules. Are you not yet fully vaccinated or do you choose not to get vaccinated, but would you like to get away? View full article

These 6 trends in heels will take your outfit to the next level

A good pair of heels will make you look taller, give you a nice posture and make you look more feminine. They can be the eye-catcher of your outfit and if you ask us, we can never have enough of them. Do you have room for a few pumps in your wardrobe? Then you've come to the right place, these heels are trending. View full article

Latte chalets: low-cost housing built from... Coffee?

Normally discarded coffee husks are being turned into building materials Woodpecker, a startup in Colombia, uses coffee husks to manufacture lightweight, prefabricated buildings for home and classroom use. They combine the coffee husk with recycled plastic to create a durable building material. View full article

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