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Navalny Protests

Two of Alexei Navalny's closest allies were arrested on Wednesday, their lawyers said, at the start of a planned day of mass protests in support of the jailed Kremlin critic as President Vladimir Putin delivers his state of the union speech.

Powerful Mars Missions

The United Arab Emirates, China, and the United States launched unmanned spacecrafts in 2020 that are heading to the neighboring planet Mars. The journey takes about seven months, which means that the explorers should have recently arrived.

10 Corona-Proof Travel Destinations

Of course, we are all eager to start traveling again. But we want to do it as corona-proof as possible: no more cramming together, but rather enjoying all the peace and quiet around us. We have listed our 10 favorite undertoured destinations for you.

Staying in Shape During an Exercise Crisis

What's the minimum you need to do? Hanging out on the couch for weeks at a time, at least, does not appear to be a good choice. View full article

Conor McGregor Is Interested in Buying Manchester United

Conor McGregor shows interest in buying Manchester United; the Irish UFC star seems to be getting in on the Super League craziness. View full article

This Fantastic Sustainable Shoe Brand Is a Must

At this fantastic brand's shop, you can score great shoes designed in Barcelona and produced in Spain. I am talking about ALOHAS. View full article

This is The Content Exchange

Easily exchange content

You’ll get all articles, videos, and audio in your personal dashboard. You can buy these items directly and publish them for your audience.

Do business directly

Do business with publishers quickly and easily. As a freelancer, you determine your own price and terms. We’ll take care of the rights, reporting, invoicing, and automated translation. We make sure you can do business on a global scale.

Expand your network and reach

Get connected with a large number of publishers and editors worldwide. Expand the value of your content with just one click.

Why The Content Exchange?

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Discover topical articles, videos, and audio on your personal dashboard.

The content is yours with just one click. You only pay for what you use.

No hassle with administration. We take care of the rights, reporting, and invoicing.

Immediately expand your reach and connect with a large number of international publishers and editors.

Determine your own price and terms. Upload your content and turn it into money.

No hassle with administration. We take care of rights, reporting and invoicing. We also auto translate all content so a global audience can discover your content.

How does it work?


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Create a free account in just a few minutes and become a ‘content creator’ or a ‘content buyer.’

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Are you a content buyer? Then it’s time to set up your own dashboard. Based on topics, themes , or sources, you’ll get a real-time overview of the latest articles, videos, and audio content relevant to your wants and needs.


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Found something you like? Transfer the content to your own CMS with just one click. Each item has its own price, either fixed, free, or free with an ad.

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The costs will be deducted from your credit card, meaning you’ll only pay for what you use. We’ll take care of the rights, reporting, and invoicing.

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And what else?

Personalized dashboard

Create your own dashboard and discover content based on your personal interests.

All types of content

We support video, photo, text and audio in all files and formats.

Reporting and invoicing

We report on the use of your content and take care of invoicing.


We manage the rights regarding the content. This ensures you can use it safely and honestly.

CMS integrations

Transfer the content to your own CMS with just one click. Custom integrations are also possible.


If you wish, we can add advertisements to your content. That way, you’ll be able to earn a little extra as a content creator.

Join The Content Exchange

TCE started in the Netherlands and is expanding internationally. All TCE sources are available in both the original language and English, meaning all content, no matter its origin, is easily discoverable and useful for a global audience. Our current library contains sources on News, Sports, Lifestyle, Tech, Film, History, Travel, Automotive, and Business.  Join TCE and contribute as a seller, buyer, or both.

Is there anything else we can help you with?

How does your business model work?

The use of the platform is free for users. Creators can choose whether to offer content for free, for a fixed amount per item, via licenses, or with advertising. TCE also gains from these transactions by charging 20% of the value of each transaction. If an item is offered for free, we charge a service fee to the content buyer, or establish additional service agreements with the free content provider.

I just cut & paste everything from other websites myself, for free!

You are indeed allowed to copy content from other media with limits. However, these limits are often exceeded. This way of sourcing content may benefit the publishers but does not reward the content creators. With TCE, you license the right to republish the work from the original creator. In doing so, you reward the original creator of the content and help maintain the value of creating excellent stories. That is an honest and transparent way of working together between editorial teams.


Why should I help my competitor?

At TCE, you can decide for yourself which content you want to share and with whom. You can choose who can see your content, who can use your content, and on what terms they can use it. Not all content has to go to everyone, of course.

TCE offers you the opportunity to give beautifully crafted stories extra reach. A lot of content is shared on large international platforms such as Youtube, Facebook or Instagram. A network between publishers can be an excellent addition or alternative to this. It all depends on who you see as your competitor.

Soon all news will be similar?

Not everything will be shared, and every editorial team will continue to make its own selections and perspectives. TCE will contribute to show stories that have little reach to a larger audience. This makes creating beautiful video, text or podcasts a better business.

How are rights to the content managed?

TCE enters into a license agreement with every ‘seller’ of content. In this agreement, the seller also declares to be the ‘owner’ of the content and grants TCE permission to sublicense this content to the platform’s users. Users agree to the terms of use, which specifies what they are allowed to do with the content.

Onboarding is a lot of work. My backlog is already full!

TCE works with existing feeds as much as possible. There’s also an API available. We take care of the import, enrichment, and distribution of the content to minimize the impact on internal IT. We will make the technical documentation available for this.

If you have any other technical questions, please let us know.

Can anyone participate?

Our ambition is to further develop TCE into an open platform where numerous content ‘providers’ come into direct contact with a large and diverse group of ‘buyers.’

We are currently open to publishers, editors, freelancers, PR agencies, content marketers, companies, experts, and anyone who can make a qualitative contribution. We’re taking it step by step in order to guarantee the quality and stability of the platform. Do you also want to share content via TCE? Please contact us!

I am a freelancer. Can I also offer my work?

Freelancers with their own content can also post it on TCE.  You can find all the detailed information about this here. We also partner with ReportersOnline, which already offers Freelance work.

Leave us your details and we’ll keep you informed.

Who actually owns TCE?

TCE is an initiative by Joris van Lierop and Tom Schenkenberg, who have both been involved in publishing for a long time. Joris has the role of publisher and Tom that of IT specialist. Additionally, a broader team is working on the development and management of the platform.

OK! Where can I sign up to participate?

If you want to ‘add’ content, you can sign up right now.

At the moment, adding sources is still a manual process. We will contact you to upload your content, which is possible via a self-service application.

If you are interested in purchasing content, create a free account and get started now!

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