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Injured Ukraine Solder Surprises Girl Friend With Wedding In Hospital

After 18 years of life together, Dmytro and his girlfriend Natalia got married. The man lost his leg in the war. He was injured a day before the marriage, so the ceremony was canceled. And now during his treatment - the military applied to the registration office for the second time. View full article

Singapore soon to have largest concentration of dollar millionaires in all of Asia

By the end of this decade, Singapore will have the largest concentration of dollar millionaires in all of Asia. Australia, which currently tops the rankings, will be relegated to second place at that point, followed by Hong Kong and Taiwan. View full article

Here's how the weather affects forest fires

Forest fires can cause a lot of damage in a short period of time. In large parts of the world, they are becoming more frequent and are also increasing in size. How does weather and climate change affect forest fires? View full article

How walking exercise keeps us supple and strong as we age

Walking exercise is low-cost, effective and versatile and contributes to our health more than you might think by helping to keep us strong and supple. How does it work? View full article

10 x decorating lessons to include in your interior design choices

We all still make mistakes in our interiors from time to time. That's not a bad thing at all, but it is important that we continue to reflect and learn from our missteps. Without jokes, your interior is of course very personal and grows with you - yet tips are always welcome. View full article

Thailand vacations: the best time to travel, islands, sights and beaches

With countless sights, islands, beaches and activities, Thailand is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world. That makes it hard to choose when you're planning a trip. View full article

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''TCE is a great addition to our editorial process. It gives immediate access to background stories and to a continuous stream of news items. We use TCE for print as well as to optimize our digital propositions.''

Dominique Dewitte, editor in chief of Newsweek Belgium

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Creators can choose whether to offer content for free, for a fixed amount per item, via licenses, or with advertising. TCE also gains from these transactions by charging 20% of the value of each transaction. If an item is offered for free, we charge a service fee to the content buyer, or establish additional service agreements with the free content provider.

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You are indeed allowed to copy content from other media with limits. However, these limits are often exceeded. This way of sourcing content may benefit the publishers but does not reward the content creators. With TCE, you license the right to republish the work from the original creator. In doing so, you reward the original creator of the content and help maintain the value of creating excellent stories. That is an honest and transparent way of working together between editorial teams.

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TCE enters into a license agreement with every ‘seller’ of content. In this agreement, the seller also declares to be the ‘owner’ of the content and grants TCE permission to sublicense this content to the platform’s users. Users agree to the terms of use, which specifies what they are allowed to do with the content.

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Our ambition is to further develop TCE into an open platform where numerous content ‘providers’ come into direct contact with a large and diverse group of ‘buyers.’

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