Sep 21st, 2020


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On January 15 this year, we started the development of TCE. The first ideas about a platform like this, was back in 2009. I was working as editor of We worked with a small team on a site with great reach. Many sources were incorporated, many collaborations were forged. This created a profitable news site with a wide range of content.

If reach and special content can be brought together efficiently, without drinking endless cups of coffee, without illegal cut and paste work, without YouTube, then there is a lot to be gained. Publishers, editors and producers can create their own open ecosystem of supply and demand for reach and content. This while retaining control over rights, distribution and business model. Then, countless collaborations are possible that will bring more success to parties involved. 

As it goes, ideas are shelved, every day there are new challenges, new problems to tackle or new victories to celebrate. But as it sometimes happens, an idea sticks in your head, and there is no other way than to get the idea started.

The foundation was laid on 15 January. Much has happened after that. And with a mixture of pride and nerves, TCE is now open for testing. We’re not there yet. We need feedback, opinions and ideas from the users. From editors, publishers, freelancers, marketers, PR professionals, IT managers and anyone else with an interest in publishing.

We would like to thank you for the time you put into TCE. Our ambition is that TCE will also give this back to you, with content, reach, inspiration and revenue.

Joris van Lierop and Tom Schenkenberg

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