Good stories are made for sharing

Joris van Lierop,

The basic idea of TCE is that all over the world content is being created that can inform, fascinate, and engage readers but a great part of the potential audience will never be in touch with it. Simply because the reach and impact of the content is limited by the reach of the brand that created the content. Brands often do not reach the full potential of the interested readers and viewers in their content.

At the same time, publishers have to be careful with the spend on their editorial capacity and will not be able to create everything audiences are looking for. This is especially challenging in times where personalization and optimizing audience engagement based on news, behavior and trends, is key for success. Matching available great content with demand for great content is what TCE is all about.

Whereas the international publishing houses and global players like Google and Facebook are able to aggregate or acquire huge amounts of content and connect it to millions, for many other players in the media landscape, this will be a bridge too far.

TCE wants to close this gap by creating a digital network of publishers and content creators. Any publisher or creator that joins TCE network has immediate access to a vast supply of quality content and to premium publishers to share your story with. The network takes away the inefficiencies of trading content and any participant has the same easy access to quality content just as the global players have. Publication of articles, relevant content recommendations, background stories, special interest magazines, newsletters, data driven personalizations, branded content productions, TCE supports any content need a publisher may have.

By structuring the content, translation, arranging the rights and payments, publishers and editors can focus on the core question, how to meet their audience demands best, based on their interests, brand value, budget, and available resources and expertise. Access to TCE is the easiest way to go beyond limitations of current resources and create a unique content offering, fitting your standards and needs.

TCE is a fast growing open network for creators, editors and publishers to collaborate. TCE currently does business with over 30 publishers, covering over a 100 content sources and active in 8 countries. We are active on topics like news, tech&innovation, business, background stories, video, food, travel, automotive, you name it. We don’t ‘focus’ on the topic, only on the quality of the story. We love to get surprised by the stories we receive and sell. Why sharing and licensing with Google and Facebook and not exploring the huge opportunities publishers and creators can realize together?

Though the realization of additional revenue for creators and publishers is a main driver to build the network, TCE is not ‘all about the money’. The fact that an article once created in Spain gets a new unexpected life, for example in a magazine in Turkey or on a website in Belgium, engaging new readers you never thought you would reach, is already in itself rewarding.

A good story is not made only to ‘sell’. Good stories are made for sharing.