Publish on Demand

Joris van Lierop,

The Content Exchange provides publishers and editors with 24/7 updates on many topics like Business, Finance, Tech, Lifestyle, Science, Travel and Food. With a TCE login you connect with a network of editors that will enrich your own story telling, fill gaps of available editorial capacity and provide background stories for trending topics. We want to take this a step further and make working with TCE a seamless experience. So let’s skip the login, and start publishing!

Based on your selection of sources, topics and interests, we provide content feeds that can be published directly in any digital format, or you can use these feeds to create new digital publications. TCE provides access to over 100.000 content items that will enable you to create formats on Crypto currency, Climate change or all about the Best Sneakers to wear this fall. With TCE you are sure to fit any readers, or advertisers, need.

Proof of the Pudding

To bring this concept ‘to live’ we tested this ourselves and created Turkish Recipes, a new food blog automatically filled with photo and recipes available within TCE. The beautiful pictures and recipes come from high quality Innomag magazines. We like the the outcome (and the food!).

Our Turkish Recipe blog is a beautiful production based on the configuration of TCE feeds only. This makes publishing an agile business. You create your own digital formats or specials on demand. This opens up many new possibilities. Create a digital magazine to inspire readers in the weekend or produce high quality branded content specials for your advertisers. Stories are licensed for a fixed rate which makes cost predictable. For content marketing purposes stories can be licensed for a limited period of time which makes it possible to create temporary content specials at a low cost. TCE can service this for many topics, providing you with high quality content in just a few clicks:

So what is your story?

Publishing has always been a matter of co-creation. Journalists, photographers, press agencies, marketeers, advertisers. All stakeholders work together and blend in to create one strong brand. TCE opens up the possibility of making many more connections. The platform offers the opportunity to work together with many other editorial teams, that are all committed to make strong content. Together you create more. More stories, more impact, more value. So join TCE, bring your story, get your story and become part of this growing network.

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