Investment company Tersane invests in The Content Exchange

Joris van Lierop,

Investment company Tersane invests in The Content Exchange. This provides the platform with the resources needed to speed up its growth ambitions and to accelerate the matchmaking between content creators and publishers.

Not only does Tersane come onboard as an investor but Johan van der Werf, founder of Tersane, will join team TCE in the capacity of Chief Financial Officer. Johan is a highly experienced finance professional who focuses on supporting scale up companies with his expertise.

Johan van der Werf: ‘I am very excited to join the team of TCE both as CFO and shareholder. My background is in finance and I love to support scale up companies to accelerate to the next level. TCE has in my opinion a huge potential to become a serious player in the Media space. By matching creators and publishers, TCE opens up a whole new way for creators and publishers to do business with each other. The first steps TCE has taken as a true global platform are very encouraging. Turkish publishers buying Dutch articles, Spanish publishers selling publications to Belgian magazines and freelancers reselling their own work efficiently through TCE. I am certain this is only the beginning and I look forward joining this team to grow TCE together. Our customers make significant savings in their content acquisition costs. In todays highly competitive publishing world, fighting against global companies, for each publisher it is key to have a highly cost efficient operation. My focus will be to support all processes for buyers and sellers.’