License your news on Twitter

Joris van Lierop,

More than any other platform, Twitter is the place for reporters to follow news and breaking events. Not only is it a great ‘primary’ source, but it is also the source to check what ‘others’ are publishing. Journalists like following journalists. In times where there is a need for quality stories, journalists can now give credits, literally, to the original creators of great stories they find on Twitter.

TCE is a digital platform that supports the exchange of content between many parties. The ‘bringer’ licenses content directly to the ‘taker’. Conditions and pricing are set by the ‘bringer’. ‘Takers’ can agree and license the content. This way, ‘takers’ and ‘bringers’, or ‘creators’ and ‘distributors’, build together a content network and realize new value for quality content.

Today TCE launched its first topic based Twitter feeds. Here you can follow your favourite topics. In case an item has your interest, you can license it directly from the creator on TCE. This way you give a fair share to the creator and get a great story worth sharing to your audience.

License your story and distribute it

More coming up soon

As content creator or publisher you can login to TCE for free and upload your content. Promote your content to all your followers and colleagues, get credits, pay credits and make the free flow of news a rewarding flow for all. Interested in getting, or rewarding, true value for quality stories, then join TCE today and contact us: