Revolutionizing Content Syndication: How TCE is becoming a one-stop solution for all content needs

Joris van Lierop,

As we navigate through the ever-evolving digital landscape, the media industry is constantly on the hunt for ways to keep their audiences engaged; with video content becoming an increasingly important part of it. Recognizing this, we at TCE have embarked on a journey to expand our content offerings to include top quality video content from trusted sources around the world.

Video has proven itself as an engaging medium that delivers the highest CPM revenue. However, the cost of producing quality video content often deters publishers. TCE is stepping up to alleviate this challenge by curating a rich selection of video sources.

Recent additions to our video portfolio includes FaceCulture, which features interviews with bands and musicians, TCE News Video delivering global news updates, and GLHF with its timely updates on e-sports. Further expanding the range, we have also included Euronews, which offers in-depth reporting on business, climate change and more. For those needing short video clips on worldwide news, Stringershub comes in handy, while SNTV covers sports events such as Womens’ World Championship Football, Formula 1, the Cricket World Cup, etc.

In response to publisher demands, we have made these videos downloadable, enabling publishers to monetize the content. This offers the dual benefit of providing engaging content and opening an additional revenue stream for them.

In the last five years, TCE has built a reputation as the go-to platform for sourcing quality stories from top publishers around the world, working with over 85 publishers, and housing more than 600,000 stories in 29 different languages. Already offering 50+ fresh videos each day, we are on track to significantly increase this number in the coming months and become a comprehensive one-stop solution for all video demands.

The future of content is increasingly visual, and TCE is at the forefront of this shift, empowering publishers, editors and content marketers to access a wealth of content for their audiences.

Take a peek into all our video offering here: