press release

The Interview People joins The Content Exchange

Chetna Palaniappan,

In the hyperconnected world that we live in, never in history has it been more important to cultivate human connections. With a 15 year track record of curating exceptional interviews from all over the world, The Interview People have built an extensive network of freelancers, publishers and editorial teams. Effective May 1st, 2023 the brand moved its content and network to The Content Exchange to benefit from the cutting-edge technology TCE platform offers. By exclusively housing The Interview People offering on their platform, The Content Exchange will double down on their efforts to deliver engaging stories to audiences worldwide.

"We are delighted to welcome Michael Karg and The Interview People to The Content Exchange family," said Joris van Lierop, CEO of The Content Exchange. "Their commitment to promote and distribute journalistic excellence aligns perfectly with our mission to give a platform to great stories and to support content creators and publishers in creating more value. With this move, we look forward to not only expanding our content offerings but to add value to the overall content economy.”

The onboarding of The Interview People comes at a time of rapid growth for The Content Exchange, which has established itself as a leading player in the content syndication space. The platform offers a range of services, including content licensing, content distribution, and content creation, and has a wide network of publishers, broadcasters, and digital platforms around the world. Boasting of 500.000 pieces of content on their platform, The Content Exchange have positioned themselves as a one-stop story platform where you can find all kinds of content (articles, pictures, videos, podcasts) on any topic imaginable.

“Integrating with TCE is a great strategic opportunity for us. We not only benefit from their sophisticated technology to reach a wider audience, but also enrich the experience for our existing clients with a broader content offering. TCE is the go-to source for top quality stories for editors worldwide, and we are looking forward to being part of it.” said Michael Karg, Founder of The Interview People.

The Content Exchange and The Interview People are committed to delivering the highest quality content and this cooperation marks an important step in achieving that goal. With the combined strength of these two leading content companies, publishers can look forward to accessing a wide array of engaging and informative stories at the touch of a button.