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Good travel stories will engage and inspire audiences.

Good travel stories are costly to produce and need specific expertise to create. TCE has a hundreds of high quality travel stories from all around the world. uses TCE to enrich their own story telling. Stories get modified to make it match exactly their audience demand.

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Solid business news is a valuable asset for any publisher.

Fast changing global economy, consumers, investors, producers and businesses are all connected. TCE delivers daily a business feed with more then 20 news articles, to be used by publishers and brands that want to keep their audiences well informed.

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With TCE’s very smart engines, we went from a local- to a global company!

”We are a Turkish content company with very strong, original content that stayed local until we started working with TCE. By the help of TCE and their very smart engines, we became a Turkish company that export content to global buyers. Not only that but TCE also helped us buy original content for Turkish readers, delivered turnkey to our editors. The depth of TCE’s library on different verticals offer clients a very easy way to become publishers.”

– Irmak Orman, Innomag Basılı ve Dijital Yayıncılık Limited Şirketi

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Tips on health and beauty are well read and attract interesting target groups.

Creating fresh captivating content on these topics takes knowledge, creativity and time.TCE delivers daily fresh content to that captivates audiences and provide a perfect brand safe context for advertisers.

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How a small coffee roasting company got to improve their reputation using articles from TCE.

“We want to stay relevant to our customers, so that they’re loyal to our coffee and recommend it to their friends and family. TCE surprised us with coffee recipes that were very useful in our newsletters, but also for building reputation in search engines!”

– Laura Blaauw, Kaan Koffie

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Climate and sustainability are key topics for many readers.

TCE provides a daily stream of news items and back ground stories on climate change. Stories can have different angles, like technology, lifestyle and impact on social life and economy.

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Looking for that TV item everybody is talking about At the coffee machine?

TCE offers a one stop shop library for all TV items. These are delivered as embeddable player for editorial teams. The best of TV in just a few clicks on your own website.

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TCE provides daily 5 to 10 fresh video items which are ready to publish.

They cover all big international news developments, but also entertaining and background stories. Video can be downloaded and published within own player, branding and advertising.

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