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It was just not enough for a quartet of four matching space missions. The United Arab Emirates, China and the United States launched unmanned spacecraft in July 2020 that set course for the neighboring planet Mars. That journey takes about seven months, which means the explorers should have recently arrived at their destination. This is far from certain, since Mars is known as a planet where quite a few space missions have failed. But suppose everything does go according to plan, what will these landers explore on the red planet?


For those who can't get enough summer refreshment, here are some recipes and info on dairy alternatives. Flash ice cream is great: you only need 10 minutes, frozen fruit or berries, some sugar, flavor of your choice if necessary, and a slightly runny ingredient to make mixing easier. To make a sorbet freeze creamy (unlike a granita, where larger ice crystals are desired) and melt in your mouth, fold beaten egg whites into the frozen fruit or syrup mixture. This changes the consistency and makes the ice crystals much more delicate. Regular stirring further supports this.


You can travel coronaproof to these 10 destinations. Of course, we are all eager to start traveling again. But we want to do it as coronaproof as possible: no more cramming together, but rather enjoying all the peace and quiet around us. We have listed our 10 favorite under-toured destinations for you. Under-toured destinations, you say? Yes, there are plenty of places that have not yet been explored by the masses and that can benefit from a little tourism. Places where you can contribute and enjoy the environment and leave the 'one-half meter society' behind you.

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Two of Alexei Navalny's closest allies were arrested on Wednesday, their lawyers said, at the start of a planned day of mass protests in support of the jailed Kremlin critic as Putin delivers his state of the union speech.


What's the minimum you need to do? Hanging out on the couch for weeks at a time, at least, does not appear to be a good choice. Fortunately, your fitness does not immediately deteriorate when you start training less. Join TCE & Read this Article

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Pandemic inspires hackers: 5 new cyber dangers by Corona. New research shows that consumers are under constant attack from cybercriminals looking to capitalize on the fear and social uncertainty caused by the pandemic. 

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