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TCE organizes direct transactions between editors, journalists and publishers. The beta version of this platform is now live. Join us!

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Why The Content Exchange?

Publishing efficiently

You want to offer your visitor all relevant content, however your editing capacity is limited. TCE helps you to efficiently publish more video, text, photography and audio for your visitors.

More revenue

By sharing stories, they reach a larger target group. This increases traffic, turnover and impact. TCE takes care of the rights, reporting and invoicing.

Control of your content

As a news maker you do business directly with the buyers of your work. You decide with whom you share text, photo or video, on what terms and at what price. With TCE you arrange and manage this in 1 place.

Who is The Content Exchange for?

The benefits for ...

Editorial staff
Marketing & Communications

Access to a large amount of sources to directly enrich the range of content to the target group with video, text, photo and audio.

Sharing content provides extra reach, turnover, traffic and impact. Reporting and invoicing are provided.

Keep control of costs through a transparent pricing structure and reporting.

Direct access to the relevant editorial teams. Your content will be included in the relevant feeds.

You do business directly, on your own terms, with your customers. Reporting and invoicing are provided by TCE.

All content genres and information types are supported on TCE.

Create more reach and impact by publishing your content directly to the relevant editors based on topic.

Gain direct insight into the use of your content, who publishes your stories and where.

TCE offers rich current content collection for internal publications, intranets or newsletters.

How does it work?


Create an account

With your account you can work as a ‘content buyer’ and as a ‘content maker’. You can create your own feed and make your own transactions by purchasing content and sharing content. To purchase content, you buy a credit bundle on which transactions are settled.

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Create your own feed

As an editor you can compile your own news dashboard. Based on a search keyword, a topic or sources you get a real-time overview of the last video, text, photo or audio that you can purchase.


Purchase content

You can copy the video or text that you find interesting to your own CMS with 1 click. The cost of the item is listed for each item. This can be a fixed amount, free, or free with an ad. Purchase of items is deducted from your credit bundle, making costs transparent and manageable.


Share content yourself

Do you want to share content? Let us know and we will make sure your content is included properly and on your own terms.

I want to share my content!

The TCE Platform also features...

Personalized dashboard

Sign up for a free account on TCE and create your own news feeds based on your personal interest.

All content formats

TCE supports video, photo, text and audio formats. You can easily offer and download content yourself.

Reporting and Invoicing

With TCE you can realize immediate revenue. TCE reports on the use of your content and takes care of invoicing.


TCE manages the rights of the content. This ensures safe use of content, ending cutting and pasting from other websites.

CMS integrations

Content can easily be transferred into your own CMS. Custom integrations are possible.


TCE works with partners who can add advertisements for creators. As a result, you do not need your own sales to generate extra turnover with content.

Test The Content Exchange

The Content Exchange starts its Beta Test! 20 editorial teams are now participating in this test, including RTLnieuws, RTLXL, ANP, Leeuwarder Courant, Dagblad van het Noorden, ENEX, Reporters Online, Vechtsportinfo,, Computer Totaal, SublimeFM, New Business Radio, Rabobank, FaceCulture, De Bode, Weerplaza, Innovation Origins, Trendalert, in60seconds, Cycling Flash and Business Insider. Try it out and let us know what you think!

Nice platform! But I do have one more question...

How does your business model work?

The use of the platform is free for users. Creators can choose whether to offer content for a fixed amount per item, via licenses, with advertising, or for free. TCE also earns from these transactions. TCE charges 20% of the value of each transaction. If an item is offered for free, TCE charges a service fee to the customer of the content, or establishes additional service agreements with the provider of this free content.

I now just cut & paste everything from other websites myself, for free!

Within limits it is allowed to copy news from other media. However, this limit is often exceeded. With this, the ‘making’ of news is not rewarded by whoever benefits from it by republishing it. With TCE, you license from the original creator the right to republish the work. In doing so, you reward the original creator of the content and help keep making good stories rewarding. That is an honest and clear way of working together between editorial teams.


Why should I help my competitor?

At TCE you can decide for yourself which content you want to share and with whom. You can choose who can see your content, who can take over your content and on what terms. Not all content has to go to everyone, of course.

TCE offers you the opportunity to give beautifully crafted stories extra reach. A lot is shared with large international platforms such as Youtube, Facebook or Instagram. A network between publishers can be a nice addition or alternative to this. It all depends on who you see as your competitor.

Soon all news will be similar?

Not everything will be shared and every editorial team will continue to make its own selections and perspectives. TCE will contribute to show stories that have little reach to a larger audience. This makes creating beautiful video, text or podcasts a better business.

If my editors start buying widly, costs will get out of hand.

As an editor you buy a ‘bundle’ of credits. Every purchase on TCE is deducted from that ‘bundle’. No more can be spent than is possible within that bundle, which prevents overspending your content budget.

How are rights to the content managed?

TCE enters into a license agreement with every ‘seller’ of content. In this agreement, the seller also declares to be the ‘owner’ of the content and grants TCE permission to sublicense this content to the users of the platform. Users agree to the terms of use, which specifies what they are allowed to do with this content.

Onboarding is a lot of work. My backlog is already full!

TCE works with existing feeds as much as possible. There is also an API available. We take care of the import, enrichment and distribution of the content to keep the impact on internal IT low. We will make the technical documentation available for this.

If you have any other questions regarding technology, please let us know.

Can anyone participate?

Our ambition is to further develop TCE into an open platform where a large number of ‘providers’ of content come into direct contact with a large and diverse group of ‘buyers’.

We are open to publishers, editors, freelancers, PR agencies, content marketers, companies, experts and anyone who can make a qualitative contribution. We choose to scale step by step in order to guarantee the quality and stability of the platform. Do you also want to share content via TCE? Please contact us!

I am a freelancer, can I also offer my work?

Freelancers with their own content can also post it on TCE. We expect to deliver a module soon with which this can easily be done in a self-service app. We will soon be testing a WordPress plugin as well. This allows you to share content directly from your WordPress CMS.

Leave your details and we will keep you informed.

We also partner with ReportersOnline. Freelance work can already be offered through this platform.

Who actually owns TCE?

TCE is an initiative of Joris van Lierop and Tom Schenkenberg. Both have been involved in publishing for a long time. Joris in the role of publisher, Tom in the role of IT supplier. In addition, a broader team is of course working on the development and management of the platform.

OK! Where can I sign up to participate?

If you want to ‘bring’ content, you can sign up right now.

At the moment, adding sources is still a manual process. We will contact you to onboard your content. We expect this to be possible via a self-service environment before the end of 2020.

If you are interested in purchasing content, create a free account and get started now!

My question is not here!

Ask your question using the contact form, and we will answer you as soon as possible.

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