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Building a marketplace for stories together

Who are we?

The Content Exchange is an initiative of Joris van Lierop and Tom Schenkenberg. Together we developed the idea of ​​The Content Exchange, a ‘public CMS’ that everyone has access to.

Team TCE consists of media professionals, experienced developers and passionate marketers. We are building a network of story-makers, news hunters, publishers, producers and content marketeers who work together to share stories and create value. Every day we want to make TCE a step stronger together with our users. If you have any ideas, let us know !

Out TCE Team
By creating a place where editorial teams are connected, editorial teams can work together, while protecting rights and supporting revenue models.

- Joris van Lierop, Managing Director The Content Exchange

Our ambition

Around the clock everyone is publishing about breaking news, the red carpet, the front line, the exhibition floor, the stadium, the White House, the town hall. There is no editorial team that covers everything. Many good stories remain hidden gems, other good stories go viral without the creator seeing anything in return, stories that are rewritten 100 times, so that other good stories are never made.

The Content Exchange brings ‘makers’ and ‘publishers’ together. By doing business directly with each other, we can produce, publish and distribute more stories together. This creates a better earnings model for good stories that must be shared.

The TCE Team

Joris van Lierop

Joris van Lierop

Managing Director

Worked as a digital publisher at Kluwer,, FD and RTL. Within Team TCE responsible for building the network of publishers, editors, producers, marketers and PR professionals.

Tom Schenkenberg

Tom Schenkenberg

Technology Director

With more than 20 years of experience in software development, Tom has a clear vision on technology and organization. TCE works on the basis of open standards and a driven team where the common goal is leading.

Sander de Koeijer


TCE combines a large number of sources under 1 interface. This requires streamlined operation and monitoring. Sander is responsible for reducing hundreds of sources to a clear, secure and managed process.

Manouk van der Vorm

Content Management

Worked as Manager Video at ANP and for Content for regional and local publications at DPG. Within TCE, Manouk develops content partnerships and is the point of contact for the editors.

Wimpe Thomas

Product owner

As a project manager at, FD, RTLnieuws and BSL, Wimpe has extensive experience in product development within publishing. As a product owner, he converts wishes and strategy into the development road map for TCE.

Kim Krijt

Online Marketing

Kim is responsible for recruiting new TCE users and turning existing users into fans. The goal is to grow every day, in terms of users and user satisfaction.

Monica Lous

User Experience

Monica tests all new TCE releases. She supports users in using TCE and guides development based on the feedback and data received.


Lead Developer & Architect

Lead Software Engineer, more than 10 years of experience in software and application development. Is responsible for the development and design of the ‘back end’ and for making TCE a scalable platform.


Software Engineer

Full stack software engineer with 10 years of experience in the media. Mainly focuses on front end development. Works with Monica to develop TCE for the best user experience.

Martijn de Letter

Senior Software Engineer

Senior developer with extensive experience in designing, developing and implementing complex business applications. Martijn is the architect of TCE. Solutions must be scalable and performant.

Martin Roest

Software Architect

Martin contributes to the development team with extensive experience and expertise in the development of scalable, cloud-based, high-performance architecture.

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