Offering your content on the TCE market place


  1. Make sure you’ve created an account on TCE.
  2. Complete the seller request form below on this page.
  3. A TCE representative will contact you through e-mail to help you complete the process.

Getting your content into TCE

TCE supports multiple ways to make your content available on the platform:

TCE provided Content Management Environment

For organisations with no content management capabilities, TCE provides a fully managed CMS environment for you to submit your content to TCE. This is the fastest and easiest way to get your content on the marketplace.

TCE WordPress Plugin in your CMS

For organizations using WordPress, TCE provides a downloadable WordPress Plugin to upload to TCE from within your existing WordPress CMS.

Custom integration with our API

For organizations with special needs or custom content management environments that have their own technical capabilities can use the API provided by TCE for integration.

TCE Managed Automated Integration with your CMS

This method is for larger bodies of content that require a custom integration that supports fully automated ingress. TCE accepts custom formats and methods by creating customized importers. This includes standardized methods like RSS-feeds or (custom) CMS API’s.

Seller Request Form

To become a seller on the TCE Platform, please fill in this seller request form

How do you want do share your content with TCE?

Use a TCE provided content management environmentThrough Installing a WordPress TCE Plugin in your CMSDevelop your own custom integration with our APITCE Managed Automated Integration with your CMS


TCE Support

Don't hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help.

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