WordPress Plugin

For organisations using WordPress, TCE provides a downloadable WordPress Plugin to upload to TCE from within your WordPress CMS. It enables you to connect your WordPress CMS directly to the TCE market place, and join other publishers to reach a larger target audience for your content.

Want to upload content to TCE via the WordPress Plugin? Then sign up as a content provider and we’ll get you started!

How does the TCE Plugin work?

Our WordPress plugin is a simple and easy way to upload your content to the TCE database.

  1. Create accountFirst, create your account and sign up as a seller by contacting sales.
  2. Install the pluginSearch for the TCE plugin in the wordpress library, download it and install it in your CMS. After it has been installed successfully, the TCE Sharing menu will appear in your CMS.
  3. Configure the pluginEnter the provided login credentials and identification information into the configuration form.
  4. Upload to TCESelect the posts you’d like to share on TCE, and select “Upload to TCE” in the bulk actions dropdown & hit Apply. And you are done!

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