TCE WordPress Plugin

For organizations using WordPress, TCE provides a downloadable WordPress Plugin to upload to TCE from within your WordPress CMS. It enables you to connect your WordPress CMS directly to the TCE market place, and join other publishers to reach a larger target audience for your content. Want to upload content to TCE via the WordPress Plugin? Then sign up as a content provider and we’ll get you started!

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How does the TCE Plugin work?


Install the plugin

Search for the TCE plugin in the wordpress library, download it and install it in your CMS. After it has been installed successfully, the TCE Sharing menu will appear in your CMS.


Configure the plugin

Enter the provided login credentials and identification information into the configuration form.


Upload to TCE

Select the posts you’d like to share on TCE, and select “Upload to TCE” in the bulk actions dropdown & hit Apply. And you are done!


Republishing your stories with the help of TCE

Do you want to expand your reach and connect with a large number of international publishers and editors? With the WordPress Plugin you can easily publish your content on TCE and sell it to publishers all over the world. No hassle with administration. We take care of rights and reporting. We also auto translate all content so a global audience can discover your content. Interested? Then contact us for all information and your content will be online within a day.

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WordPress Plugin FAQ

What are the minimum requirements?

We’ve tested the plugin with the latest version of WordPress: 5.5.1 and later.

What are the conditions for purchases on TCE?

TCE enters into a license agreement with every ‘seller’ of content. In this agreement, the seller also declares to be the ‘owner’ of the content and grants TCE permission to sublicense this content to the platform’s users. Users agree to the terms of use, which specifies what they are allowed to do with the content. In addition, the publication conditions are indicated for each content item within TCE.

Can anyone participate?

Our ambition is to further develop TCE into an open platform where numerous content ‘providers’ come into direct contact with a large and diverse group of ‘buyers.’

We are currently open to publishers, editors, freelancers, PR agencies, content marketers, companies, experts, and anyone who can make a qualitative contribution. We’re taking it step by step in order to guarantee the quality and stability of the platform. Do you also want to share content via TCE? Please contact us!

TCE Support

Don't hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help.

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